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     The Province of Salerno organizes the Fair of the Mediterranean Archaeological Tourism that will take place in Paestum (Salerno), from 9 th to 12 th November 2000.
     The manifestation achieved excellent results in the second edition as soon as concluded.
In an area of approximately 8000 mq, doubled regarding 1998, 115 exhibitors have found positioning (in representation of 4 foreign Countries, 10 Italian Regions, 20 Provinces, 40 Communes) were given the possibility to meet about 12.000 visitors. 20 Conferences and Seminars took place. In the Workshop 35 Tour Operators coming from the European markets (Belgium, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden) checked over a Mediterranean supply represented by over 200 operators. Over 180.000 visited the web site: www.borsaturismo.com. To remarkable satisfaction, now joins the awareness to qualify the Fair improving the preparations of the exhibit area and increasing the presence of the international demand.      The Fair has a peculiarity of its own, in how much only in the world in promoting the interaction between supply and offer in the archaeological tourism field and it constitutes a showcase for many Mediterranean destinations in which they are present attractions in such important field. International demand shall always be selected by ENIT, with predilection for the countries that animate the tourist flows interested to the archaeological supply.

     Besides, the Fair constitutes, an important occasion for improving and professional updating one's knowledge of the market trends by attending conferences held by experts of international level, in collaboration with the Archaeological Service of Salerno, the Department of Analyses Cultural Components of the Territory of the University of Salerno, the European University Centre of Cultural Assets of Ravello.

     The Fair offers, therefore, the following opportunities:

  • Showrooms;
  • Possibility to attend the workshop session of Saturday 11 th November;
  • Admission to Conferences and Seminars;
  • Free possibility to attend to archaeological sites guided tours;
  • Possibility to attend to the rich social program:
  • cocktail of welcome, thematic evenings, Gala Dinner in the Archaeological Museum;
  • Facilities in the hotel rates.
The Member of a Provincial Council of Tourism
The President of the Province of Salerno

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